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Aaron Ferguson, born May 18th, 1971.

Beloved and devoted husband, father, brother, son, family member, and friend; Passed Monday, March 7, 2022. Aaron was 50 years young and is survived by his adoring wife Donna, loving children Anna and Jacob, brother William, sisters Andrea, Erica, and Adrienne and mother Joetta. He is also survived by 11 aunts and uncles, 29 cousins, and a vast abundance of friends.

It is difficult to believe that any person could be all the things claimed below. In Aaron’s case, everything is not only true, but it is, if anything, understated.

Aaron was a Gulf War Vet, having served the U.S. Marine Corps (Hurrah!) from 1992-1996. He went on to earn his MA, MS, Meng & PMP degree in Construction Management where he worked as a project engineer. Aaron was also an Indiana Free Mason and member of the shrine. Aaron did not know the meaning of fear when it came to any aspect of his life. He did not know how to fail, and he refused to come in second. When it came to those who knew him, they were very aware of the high standards Aaron set for himself and his need to live life to the fullest and on his terms. Those whom Aaron surrounded himself with, quickly came to love, respect, and admire the man they knew.

Aaron was a fighter in many ways and was successful in all he did, defeating all his challenges and conquering his goals.

He strived to be the best in everything he did. Without question, Aaron was one of the single most diligent, driven, disciplined, and enthusiastic people one could have encountered. His thirst for learning was unquenchable and his passion for excellence could be staggering. Meeting the minimum requirements of a job was not his style, which came across in his desire to ensure that his family and friends always reaped the benefit of knowing him.

Aaron was a hugger who loved to laugh and to make others laugh. A defining characteristic (or flaw 😊) of Aaron’s was a desire to help others get the best out of themselves and life. Another amazing accomplishment of Aaron’s was the ability to pass on, to his inner circle, the same successful, driven, and winning spirit which was a part of him.

The world has lost a great man and has left a void within all who knew and loved him.