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Beverly Ann Hawley was born on October 9th 1947 in Portland, Oregon. She grew up in the American dream household with her Swedish dad, Rudy, her Danish-American mother, Opal, and older sister, Barbara. Uncles and grandparents lived close by or within her family's home during those formative years leaving a lasting impression of interconnected family

After receiving her teaching degree from Portland State, she married Erroyl Hawley in 1968 and they began their 52 year adventure together.

When Angela was born, Bev shifted her teaching focus toward teaching her children which later expanded to include Ian and Nathan. Her selfless and generous nature as a mother left a lasting impression on her children.

Her focus on seeing the good in her children spilled into a hobby of photography which later sprouted into a career. She became the one of the great children’s photographers with a unique talent for capturing the spontaneity, innocence and good in children. As her children moved out of the house and married, she embraced their spouses as her own children and when grandchildren came, she became Nonnie. She carried her photography into her relationships with grandchildren.After the birth of her first grandchild, she started production of her first book, Held in the Arms of Love, which was published in 2000. She soon followed this with a blog called Friday Letters where she had question prompts to help in writing letters to you children and showcased her photographs, many with her grandchildren as subjects. In early 2017 Bev started her final photographic project, Dog’s Walk By, which tell the dog’s story as he or she relates to the owner’s life, through photographs. She ended up producing 3 coffee table books from these touching photographs and enjoyed having her grandchildren help her with this endeavor. During her career, she became friends with many of her customers, suppliers and peers with friendships that far outlasted her career.

She expressed her love for extended family each year by bringing her children and grandchildren together on beach vacations. Additionally, she adopted the Sinterklaas tradition from her Dutch son-in-law, Martin, as an excuse to generously lavish gifts on her 8 grandchildren. Bev was also actively involved with her church.

On February 21, 2021 Bev left our world but her light continues to shine through her friends and family.

She is survived by her husband, Erroyl, her children, Angela (Martin), Ian (Syl) and Nate (Kristin), grandchildren, Jacob, Abi, Max, Emmaline, Ty, Ahnalisa, Bella and Katelyn and Poppy, her faithful dog friend. She was preceded in death by her parents and sister. Private arrangements will be made later this year.

Bev was a passionate supporter of women’s empowerment across the world. In Lieu of flowers, consider a donation to:

Rose Haven:

Kefa women's co-op:

Raphael House: