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Carlton Balfour Reid age 64, passed away on January 10, 2022 in Long Island, New York. Affectionately known as Bunny, Cock, Redash, Rooster he was born on October 15, 1957 to Delta Taylor and Albert Reid in Somerton, St. James, Jamaica, West Indies.

Bunny attended Somerton All Age school and Cornwall College High School. At a young age he became fascinated with driving and frequently sneaked away from school to join his friend Dougie who worked as a truck driver at Montego Bay Ice Factory, to deliver ice.

It was while spending this time with Dougie that Bunny learnt to drive trucks. As he jokingly said, “I observed how he changed the gears.” Before receiving his license Bunny got practice driving loaded cane trucks from the field to the factory. It was during this time that he started learning mechanical work by fixing trucks. As soon as he was able to receive his driver’s license, he did so and started driving Morning Star and King Alphonso buses in the rural areas.

Bunny soon bought his own truck and which he used to transport marl. Bunny went into his own taxi business when Lada arrived in Jamaica, when he purchases and affectionately named his Lada, Red Ash where his knowledge and love of dealing with people helped him to be successful.

Bunny’s love for mechanical work however won out and many days he could be found fixing people’s car instead of driving his taxi; oftentimes, free of cost as on the promise of payment which often time never materialized. It was at this time that he realized that many of his friends did not understand how to get their road (driver’s) licenses, which lead to his next venture in an advisory role that included how to get collateral for loans to buy cars.

1992 Bunny migrated from Jamaica to the United States with the hopes of building a better life for his children. Things did not go as planned but being Bunny, he adjusted to the new way of life. It was while in the US that he met Classidel, and his twin Milissa and Mallic were born from the union. Bunny met Nadine, his current wife in 2010 and eventually got married in 2017. At the time of his passing Bunny was employed to Tonymac Restaurant and Bakery and US Pack Logistics company.

Handsome Bunny was extremely polite, patient and loved by all with whom he came in contact. Bunny was thoughtful, loyal, and selfless – friends, strangers, family, and others all knew this. One just had to pick up the phone and call Bunny and he immediately responded to what was needed. Bunny seldom used the word “No”. When Bunny was asked to give a ride to the airport, Bunny oftentimes parked outside of one’s gate, sleeping in the car just to make sure that he was not late. Having mechanical problems? Just call Bunny. Having immigration problems? Call Bunny. Having IRS problems? Call Bunny. He would find the solution. He was simply a happy problem solver. Despite this, Bunny was stubborn, and family and friends knew that when he held on to a point, he would not let it go.

Bunny was predeceased by his son, Karlon, mother Delta Taylor, and stepmother Winnifred Waite-Reid. Bunny is survived by his wife Nadine, his father Albert Reid; sons, Ryan, Dale, Kemar, Dwayne, Mallic, Elton and Marvin; daughters, Charmaine, Christine, Stacey-Ann, Petrona, Simone, Milissa, and Mahendra (adopted), stepchildren Je’an-Tai and Jadah; 22 grandchildren; 7 brothers, 5 sisters; nieces, nephews and other relatives and friends.