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The beloved Cheryl Clarkson, 61, of Philadelphia, PA, passed away on November 29, at Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia.

She was born in Philadelphia, PA, and was the daughter of Irene Keller and the late John Turner.

Her sweet and gentle soul brightened up the lives of others. She loved to be in the presence of her family and many friends.

She loved road trips with her husband and traveling with her Fab 5 girlfriends. She enjoyed writing, shopping, reading, dancing, and Tiffany's jewelry. Cheryl was known for always having a smile on her face and a corny joke to make you laugh.

“ When is a potato not from Idaho?

...When its a FRENCH FRY”


“ What is Michelle Obama's favorite vegetable?

...Barack-oli (Broccoli)

Cheryl is survived by her son Mikey (husband of Jessica); daughter Kris; her loving husband Michael Clarkson; Alena, Nicole, Daniel, Michelle, and Michael. She is also survived by her sister Rose, brother Billy, and 4 sister in laws . She leaves behind a host of grandchildren, nephews, nieces, cousins, friends, and 2 dogs.

We are here to celebrate Cheryl's life! She was adored and an inspiration to all that knew her. She will be missed but never forgotten!

We’re all going to say “See Ya Later" (not goodbye).