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God called Elijah home to his rightful place beside HIM in late November. Elijah Abdullah Bey Matthews, first

born son of Lamont & Novella Matthews, made his entrance on October 10, 1964, ready to take on the

world. Known lovingly as Eli and Mugsy, Elijah was a very humble yet athletic young man; participating in

wrestling, football, track and field, and mastering tactical and coordination skills in Karate with the ability to

be lethal with nun chucks. Not only was he an athlete but, he was also academically gifted and intelligent as he

excelled in mathematics and science.

An avidly spiritual person, Elijah was born and raised in Baltimore City. At a young age, he and his younger

brother, Lamont, and cousin, Joshua, noted they were frankly outnumbered by their female family

members. Whether at home, Northwood, or at the homes of family members; Elijah fought for his spotlight

moments that would later become memorable comedic stories and social media hooks. From bow-legged

jokes, stuttering banter, to having a stomach made of steel despite having such a thin frame.

Elijah quickly developed solid relationships with a band of neighborhood brothers from childhood through

fatherhood, which transformed into unbreakable bonds of love & respect. His light shined through

Northwood, Marble Hall, Pentridge, Stonewood, Pentwood, Winston and countless other neighborhoods

across Baltimore City. There is infinite love for Elijah from B-More to Atlanta and beyond. His legacy is eternal

as he is remembered fondly by many that continue to share accolades of his journey and adventures.

By God’s grace, Elijah was an undoubtedly proud father to his beautiful daughters, Chardaye and bonus

daughter LaCháe, with LaCheryl S. Barnes, and Jada, with Joni K. Barrett. Elijah dubbed himself as the world’s

luckiest dad. Elijah saw his daughters as the best versions of himself and his heart in human form, no one could

ever or will ever outdo his love for them. His nephews and nieces considered him to be the World’s Erkiest

Uncle. A jokester at heart, no one was safe from becoming a quirky punchline.

While he initially dreamt of becoming an astronaut or race car driver, God had other plans for

Elijah. Immediately after graduating from Northern High School in 1982, Elijah enlisted in the US Army and

honorably served for 4 years. In 1994, Elijah moved to Atlanta Georgia, where he became a committed

member of Mount Vernon Baptist Church and received his rebirth. Afterwards, Elijah served on multiple

ministries for multiple decades.

Elijah leaves to love and laugh, his mother and rock Novella V. Matthews, his two beautiful daughters,

Chardaye and Jada, two beloved grandpuppies, Brix and Teddy, his bonus daughter LaCháe, three sisters

(Arabia, Saudia and La’Mar), his younger brothers Lamont and Joshua, two brothers in laws (Larry Armwood


Kenneth Davis Sr.), four nieces (Chareece, Asia, India, Israel and Emery), one nephew (Kenny), three great

nieces (Amore, Amiyah & Kennedi), one great nephew (Lil Marlon) a host of loving aunts, uncles, cousins

and childhood/manhood/fatherhood brothers and friends.

Ephesians 6:17-18

“And take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit,

which is the word of God; praying always with all prayer and

supplication in the Spirit.”

Tribute from Novella Matthews

Well done my son, well done! Such a perfect destination heaven is for a

handsome angel like you. Your love and your walk with the lord gives me

comfort and eases my feelings of loss and grief. Rest with the LORD, my first


“E” Eloquence and the way you captivated and brought laughter to everyone in

your presence.

“L” Loyalty and love displayed for daughters, family members, and friends.

“I”Illumination of life’s circumstances and making the best of any opportunity

that presented itself.

“J”Jovial characteristics displayed, and determination to master every

challenge, trial and tribulation.

“A” Adored and admired son, brother, father, friend, and trusted companion.

“H” humble to no fault with each stumble wisdom was gained.

You transition to be with the lord has reminded me of what I had tucked away

for a rainy day and I thank you for the times we shared.

With love,


Tribute from Chardaye Matthews

Searching through my memory bank for all the moments we shared,

Trying to soothe myself in this seemingly empty space, a space for which I

was not prepared.

I recall a little bouncing me, racing into your open embrace,

You lifting me a top your shoulders, the biggest smile across my face.

I was on top of the world and ironically, you’d say the world was on your

shoulder blades;

Heading to our favorite place, always staying until the Sun fades.

You loved reminding me that every time we left that playground, how I

would have a fit.

I hear your voice now telling me, “I wouldn’t change it, Baby Girl, nope not

one bit.”

Thank you Daddy for showering me in the purest, most unconditional love;

For making me feel like the center of the Universe and the bond we hold,

even now, unheard of.

I promise to do my absolute best to live by the multitude of lessons you left


When it’s my time, I picture your light at the end of that silvery slide, you

know the one, where I know you’ll be.

- Love, your Boo Boo

Tribute from Jada (Matthews) Bowman

As a child, I pondered at my reflection.

Quiet, confused feelings of a craved connection.

Even still, with my world thrown in a daze.

I knew one day, I would be the victor of God’s grace.

In due time came the love that I’d been searching.

Beautiful spirit of Elijah, you were all I’d been hoping.

With the sun shining brighter, I finally saw myself.

Daddy, your love and warmth helped me to love life itself.

Though I struggle to understand the timing and reason for this condition.

I’ve grown wise enough to trust God’s protection through this transition.

Forever in my heart, forever on my mind.

Together again we will be, all in God’s time.

-Your Baby girl, Jada