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A close friend and colleagues to many of us, Hakim Talal passed away on April 23rd 2021. One of the most knowledgeable but at same time most humble - its a rare combination to find in the world around us today. Talal started with very modest background. From there to become Executive Director with JP Morgan, his journey in nothing short of inspiration to many of us. God fearing and value based, Talal was best example of Walk The Talk. He was one of the best Culture Carrier for the function & team in JPM. Always put his people first, invested in them, guided them, protected them, motivated them all these years. No wonder he was The Best Manager and awarded as such in broader India Finance team. He lead formation of Asset Class teams in India few years back and was building it brick by brick every quarter, every year till now. His best was probably yet to come but before that he was taken away from us. We all have learned so many things that he stood for. It will be best homage to him, if we all can take that one thing we liked about him and imbibe it in ourselves. Thats the best way to keep him alive amongst us. May his soul rest in peace.