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Iain Barclay Logan, son of Peter and Rachel Logan, was born on August 21st, 1946 in Scotland. Growing up on an expansive tea plantation in Kenya, Iain enjoyed playing with his younger brother Jim with whom he experienced the endless adventures awaiting two young boys in Kenya. He attended the Duke of York school in Nairobi from 1959 – 1962 before moving to Scotland to attend the Edinburg Academy (1962 – 1964) and then study agriculture at the University of Edinburgh (1964 – 1967).

Following his studies, Iain returned to East Africa and began working in the cattle ranching and coffee farming industries. During these early days working in Kenya, he was connected to the local Kenyan Red Cross where he volunteered in support of emergency responses to droughts, floods, and famines. This ultimately led to his longstanding career with the Red Cross and lifelong commitment to international humanitarian work. Before his career shift, cattle ranching led him around the world, working many years in Transvaal, South Africa and Calgary, Canada. During this time, he also became an experienced horseman and was actively involved in polo clubs.

In 1990, Iain formally began his 16-year career at the International Federation of the Red Cross (IFRC), beginning as a Relief Administrator and finishing as Head of Global Operations Coordination. Iain led teams to respond to the most significant humanitarian crises around the world. His work brought him to Cote D’Ivoire, Liberia, Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, Rwanda, Tanzania, Zaire, Papua New Guinea, Guatemala, Panama, and across Asia. Notably, Iain was Head of Delegation for the IFRC in Rwanda in 1994/95 during the Rwanda Conflict. For this work, he was a recipient of the prestigious Canadian Meritorious Service Medal (MSM). Iain’s extensive Red Cross family, with whom he stayed in close touch, regarded him with utmost respect. Many noted his admirable leadership, warm and welcoming demeaner, fearless optimism, and true humanitarian commitment.

In 2006, Iain’s career shifted as he co-founded Global Emergency Group, a humanitarian response consulting firm dedicated to improving the effectiveness and efficiency of emergency responses. At Global Emergency Group, Iain fostered a team who shared his passion and love for humanitarian work. He continued to be involved in major global crises, supporting response agencies to improve their response capacities to support those most in need. Between the Red Cross and Global Emergency Group, he led response operations and consulting projects in more than 50 countries responding to both natural disasters and complex emergencies.

During this time, Iain found a love for training and mentoring future humanitarians. Sharing his wealth of knowledge and experience, he led trainings for the United States Bureau for Humanitarian Assistance, the World Health Organization, the Red Cross and several NGOs and Universities. Like his work in the field, Iain poured his heart and soul into his responsibility as an instructor – he took genuine interest in each trainee, discovering their unique ambitions and truly investing himself in their future success. Through interactive and personable exercises filled with humor and laughter, Iain’s enthusiasm for humanitarian work was an inspiration to his colleagues and students alike. Despite his jovial demeanor, his lessons explored difficult topics and prepared countless responders for the challenging situations they would face abroad. His students are forever impacted by his wisdom, charisma, Oscar-worthy role playing and humble portrayal of his incredible career. Iain also served as an advisor and mentor for Global Emergency Relief, Recovery and Reconstruction (GER3) where he supported the growth of new team members, enabling their success in their first humanitarian missions. Though his work in the field won him accolades, his mentorship prepared a generation of humanitarians to leave the world better than they found it.

Iain spent his last seven years on the beautiful western coast of Ireland with his loving partner, Jo Fox, and their young pup Saaba. While continuing his work for Global Emergency Group remotely, Iain passed his time on long oceanside strolls with Jo and Saaba, renovating their cottage, and building close friends and a strong community in Connemara. As Jo puts it, he finally learned to “putter” -- settling in at their charming cottage after years of international travel, enjoying simple yard work, looking after horses, and caring for the grounds that surrounded their happy home.

Iain is survived by his partner Jo Fox and their dog Saaba, son Mischa, brother Jim and 6 nieces and nephews.

Iain was a true humanitarian, giving himself to others and leading during some of the most challenging circumstances imaginable. He was kind, humorous, and an extremely passionate advocate for people in need. He shared his knowledge and experience so that others could serve better. The world was a better place with Iain and his departure is deeply mourned.

A fund has been established at GER3 in Iain’s name to support training, mentoring and internships for the next generation of humanitarians. Donations in his name can be made at