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Jim Harvey, who ran Harvey’s Hereford Farm in Seville, Ohio, for many years, died July 15 at the age of 82. Jim and his late wife, Beverly, also founded Harvey Arabians, and they lived on a farm where they raised their family.


He graduated from Case Western Reserve, where he was a proud member of DKE, and began a career in higher education. During his 27 years at Baldwin Wallace College, he completed his MBA degree and went on to serve as vice president of finance.


In 1987, he became vice president of institutional advancement at Ashland University, and four years later became president of the Alabama Association of Independent Colleges.


At an early age, Jim developed a lifelong passion for art, and he studied drawing and art history. He and his wife traveled throughout the U.S., Canada and Europe visiting art museums and attending horse shows.


He is survived by his wife, Louise, and two sons and two daughters.