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Dr. Jerry Lee Teague, age 70, was surrounded by his wife and loving family members as the angels came to take to him to his eternal home in heaven on May 23rd, 2022.

Dr. Jerry Teague was born to Woodrow and Ona Mae Teague in Fort Worth, Texas, on November 29, 1951. The youngest of 5 children, he is predeceased by his father and his mother, as well by his sister, Nancy Ames and brother, Jim (Bo) Teague. He is survived by his wife, Donna Elizabeth Tiemeyer, her four sons and their wives and a soon to be grandson, his sister Donna Joy Middleton, and his brother David Teague and wife Angie, many nieces, nephews, and inlaws.

Dr. Teague attended Eastern Hills High School, Fort Worth, Class of 1970. He displayed competitive athleticism throughout all his childhood culminating with him being part of the starting line up on the Eastern Hills High School Basketball team. His athletic commitment not only solidified within him an ethic of hard work and discipline, but it also provided a comradery of friendships with his High School teammates that he maintained throughout his life, and positioned him to earn a Basketball Scholarship on the Freshman Basketball Team at The University of Texas, Austin, TX.

Just as Jerry’s college athletic dream was taking off, an unfortunate sports injury occurred early in his first season that landed him in a wheelchair and ended his basketball career. He finished that school year out on crutches at the University of Texas and then upon full recovery from his injury transferred to Abilene Christian University, Abilene, Texas, where he walked onto the ACU golf team, and was a premed student. He graduated from ACU in 1976.

After graduation, Jerry was accepted to Baylor College of Dentistry, Dallas, Texas, Class of 1979. After receiving his Doctorate of Dental Surgery, DDS, he opened his first Dental Practice in Arlington, TX, along with the help of his brother David who designed and constructed his office complex. He was also the International Implant Director at the postdoctoral program at Baylor and served as the International Implant Director at the world’s largest implant corporation, Dentsply Implant, Los Angeles, CA. During the 1990’s Dr. Teague was part of an International Lecture Circuit over the course of several years and presented more than 150 training seminars in 34 countries. During this time, he also wrote numerous papers on implant surgery and restoration. He also practiced Dentistry in Arizona and Indiana during his career as a Dentist.

In his late 40’s Jerry matriculated to Loma Linda University Medical Center, Los Angeles, CA, where he completed his three year residency at Loma Linda and Riverside County Regional Medical Center in Los Angeles, and achieved his Doctorate in General Anesthesia. Upon completion of that program, in 2003, Dr. Teague received his Diplomate of the National Dental Board of Anesthesia and returned to Texas in order to develop specific expertise in out of hospital, office based general anesthesia for special needs populations.

Over the course of the following 15-18 years, Dr. Teague worked in various Texas Dentistry and Oral Surgeon practices as an independent Anesthesiologist, seeing some 25,000 patients in outpatient settings during his General Anesthesia career. In 2012, Dr. Teague was selected by renowned educator, Dr. Stephen Wilson, from the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, to author the chapter, “Medical Emergencies” in his book entitled, “Oral Sedation for Dental Procedures in Children.”

After sustaining a tragic injury at the end of 2015, Dr. Teague took a three and a half year sabbatical from his outpatient General Anesthesia practice, during which time he continued to research and write, and built the foundation of a business plan to create his own team of colleagues to open a Special Needs Dentistry and Oral Surgery Clinic of their own in San Antonio, TX; however, that door closed just as a different path opened. Not only did Jerry meet and marry Donna Elizabeth during this time, but he also was invited to provide General Anesthesia for a renowned Dentistry Practice in Marble Falls, TX, that he had consulted with in prior years, which offers Oral Sedation Dental care for adults with special medical needs. This was an opportunity that not only matched his training and specialization, but ultimately led him and his wife to move to the beautiful Hill Country.

A man who lived life to the fullest, who by his very nature defined determination, passion, and ingenuity, and whose mind and body worked relentlessly putting others to sleep so that they could be comfortable, has now been laid to rest himself, by The Master Physician, who says, “Well done, my good and faithful servant.”

In lieu of flowers, donations may be made for pancreatic cancer research at:

You are invited to his Memorial Service which will be held on Sunday, July 17, 2022, at 12:00 PM at Mission Park Funeral Chapels North, 3401 Cherry Ridge Dr., San Antonio, TX, 78230.