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On Saturday, August 15, 2020, Karl O. Ward, loving brother, and father of two children, passed away at the age of 55. Karl was born on September 23, 1965 in Germany to Aaron and Sadie Ward. God never gives us more than we can bear. We love Karl very much and we know he knows that. He is with Mama, Fred, and Grandma now. Karl was a kind, gentle person. He would give the shirt off his back. He was persuasive and easily persuaded. He was a ladies man which may have been a bit hard for him to handle at times. Karl lived far beyond his years. He joined the military early in life, he was 18 when he joined. Karl was adventurous and the military allowed him to travel to a few places. Karl is preceded in death by his stepfather, Fred and mother, Sadie. He is survived by his wife, Lynette, his two children, Jahnyce and Jeremiah, brother Barry, sister Khadija, and several cousins, and a niece. We will miss you and always love you! May you rest in peace!