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On January 13, 2022, the light of my life flickered out.

Lyndsi Kathryn Wagner, "Katie" to those of us who loved her, was extremely kind-hearted and took it upon herself to make sure everyone always felt at ease. Never having met a stranger, quite gregarious, with a love of laughter, Katie was often told her laughter was infectious.

Katie was an excellent "down-home" cook who frequently and fearlessly experimented with new and varied cooking techniques she'd learn by watching YouTube or the Food Network. Katie spent her downtime watching a wide variety of movies, but she had a special affinity for Pixar and Disney. Katie had a huge collection of stuffed animals to which she was always adding. She was also very good at video games and particularly enjoyed World of Warcraft and Wizard101. Katie was very musically inclined, playing several musical instruments as she grew up, including bass clarinet, and bass guitar, she had eclectic musical tastes and loved listening to music and would absolutely sing her heart out! Katie never did anything half-heartedly.

Katie graduated high school as a member of the Ben Davis Class of 2010.

Katie is survived by her mother, Joni Wagner, her grandmother, Katheryn Shaw, her aunts Gretchen Flynn, and Penny Hawkins, her uncles, Robert Hawkins and Tom Hawkins, and many cousins.