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Anyone that met Michael quickly realized he was a person of great integrity, with a strong moral compass and sense of what was right and wrong. This sometimes got him into trouble, but he could always be relied on to give an unvarnished but invariably honest and correct summation of the situation. It also allowed him to see the funny, or at least ironic, side of life.

He was passionate to the point of obsession about the things he enjoyed, and was able to pass on his love of exercise and the outdoors to his daughters. He was also able to inspire many others to achieve their fitness and health goals and absolutely modelled this behaviour in his own life. 


At heart, he was a poet and philosopher, able to write persuasively and beautifully about the driest of topics, and so many of his friends and colleagues have talked about his wit and wisdom. We will remember all of these facets of Michael and hold them in our hearts. 

This book has been created to provide an opportunity to remember Michael, and for Lila and Mae to have a record of how their father impacted the world and those around him. Please share your memories of Michael, tell them stories that embodied Michael to you, and we would be very grateful if you could please feel free to upload pictures and any videos you have.