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My Father leave us at the age of 85 yrs old, Last year he celebrate his 84th birthday at the NKTI Hospital due to his Pneumonia. We all didn't know that his illness already long time never notice so it is leading ton a lung cancer the doctors advice not to remove the cyst that already formed in his right lung. we all know that the pandemic makes us all experienced the unexpected things that we are going to experience in our life. I am very disappointed because of the protocol they need t declared my father caused of death was a covid case, even though we all know he has serious illness that we only can not give a cure anymore because of his age,

even the Funeral service I already prepared long time ago for his service when this time comes but it is more painful because of covid they can not give the service i've already planned long time ago. Now Iam still finding a way so that I can offer him a very peaceful place for viewing of his ashes for closed relative4s and friends. I hope all will open eyes and mind that once body cremated there is no reason to be chased away to any kind of services during the last days of their existence, MAY GOD ALMIGHTY WILL LIGHTEN ALL THE MINDSET OF EVERY BUSINESSESS OR ANY KIND OF ESTABLISHMENT THAT IS CONNECTED TO EVERYONES FEELING TO EXPRESS GRATITUDE AND LOVE FOR THEIR LOSS,,,