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Nubbin Rodgers, 13, also known as Nippie, Nipple, Nubby, Nubs, and Mr. Carl Biscuits, died August 6, 2020. Adopted at three years old, he was a little dog with a big personality who could bring a smile to anyone’s face. A textbook alpha male, he had a vibrant Napoleon complex and loved attention in the form of head rubs, car rides, hikes and long walks, less so in the form of boat rides and baths. In his professional life, he was an activist who worked in the executive offices at the Humane Society of the United States for seven years, as well as a model who graced the pages of publications such as Animal Sheltering Magazine, Humane Activist, and VegNews. He was also the face of many animal rescue advertisements in the DC metro area. Since then, he retired to a peaceful home in Cuyahoga Falls, OH, where he spent his golden years relaxing, basking in love, and expanding his palate, as he never met a food he didn’t like, including challenging fare like sticks and rocks. He was preceded in death by Charley Cat and Cheez-It the three-legged hedgehog, and is survived by his adoptive siblings Amelia and Sushi, as well as his human family Amy, Josh, Lake, and Cole.