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Susan Alvis Carter was born on November 1, 1960, to Richard and Martina Edwards. She grew up with four brothers, Guy, Ricky, David, and Jack, who helped form her into the tough human she would need to be!!

She first married John Alvis and learned patience, strength, and leadership through ups and downs. Through this she also met Beedie and Bob Alvis who were instrumental in setting her heart on fire for God and showing her true, unconditional love!

Otto Carter was her second husband and where she was finally able to enjoy life for a season in the way she always wanted to. Whether it was serving on the PTA, working at the Family Life Center, volunteering with disabled kids or even just hosting people at her house, everyone felt the pure love Susan spilled out onto others!! Her five grandkids warmed her heart, and she warmed theirs right back as an amazing grandma would!!

Susan had three unique sons named John, Sean, and Daniel who pushed her to the limit but also brought the purpose to her life. She always said that all she ever wanted to do was be a mom. Susan did that on the highest level a woman could despite the tragic life she was given. It is because of all of the tragedy spread out across the entirety of her life, that it becomes the ultimate compliment in how she lived in such amazing love for others!! It is also why we get to celebrate her passing as she goes to receive her eternal prize for a life Well Done!! “Narrow is the path and few find it”, so few get to celebrate on the level her family will at her memorial service!! Her life was proof that there is Hope, Faith, and Love and the greatest of these is Love for God and others!!