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William (Billy) Dwight Gilmore, 78, passed away on August 13, 2022, at 7:49 PM due to complications from cancer that he was so valiantly battling against. He was surrounded by loved ones, who sang as we handed him over into the loving hands of the God he so ferociously loved and served for so much of his life.

Billy was born June 9, 1944, in Cisco, Texas, home of the Cisco Lobos football team which later became one of his greatest pastimes. He was born to Freda Elizabeth Jones Gilmore and William Doyle Gilmore. He grew up with his many siblings and cousins out on the Gilmore farm until he was about nine years old, when he moved to Fort Worth, Texas, to live with his Aunt Linnie and Uncle Bud. This is when he first ran into what would later become what he loved most on this earth, our mother, Kharvina Gilmore. Billy then moved back to Cisco where he finally got to play for his beloved Lobos. He moved around quite a bit as a young man and had many a misadventure, including a trip to Houston to make a fortune and the hope of vast adventures while working on a banana boat down at the docks, only to have to hoof it back to Fort Worth with empty pockets and a lesson learned.

He joined the Navy in December of 1965 and was deployed to the U.S.S. America, an aircraft carrier, and finally set sail for some REAL misadventures. He traveled all over the world during his four years of service during the Vietnam war and loved to regale us with his many a tale from the many different countries he got to visit. He returned to Fort Worth, Texas, while on leave and once again ran into the love of his life and other half. After a short romance, the two love birds were married on February 20, 1968. Both, Billy and Kharvina returned to Norfolk, Virginia, until he was discharged from the Navy on October 1, 1969, when they moved back to Arlington, Texas, where they began their love saga.

Billy spent the next 53 years forging the frame of what would become the man you know today. I only wish I had the time and his permission to tell you all the stories of his past, that he started out the complete antithesis of what he was at the end of his life. He was such a larger than life person in every aspect of his life from beginning to end.

He worked hard doing almost every conceivable job you could imagine, but as you might guess, always ended up sticking with something that had to do with talking to people and sales. He loved sales and could sell a ketchup popsicle to a woman in white gloves or ice to Eskimos.

Billy formed his own company doing construction for many years before retiring from that to commit his life to doing the Lord’s work. He traveled anywhere and everywhere he needed to be to help those who might be in need, preaching The Word, or to offer sage advice.

He was a master storyteller, and never you mind if the details changed a hair between tellings, it was more than likely your recollection that was flawed than his telling anyhow. He always seemed to be able to find the silver lining in every single cloud, all the way till the end. He always found the moral to every story and was willing to share it with you if you were willing to listen, and for those of us that really listened, left wiser and with a lesson learned.

Billy lived what he preached and was always a treasure trove of the knowledge of life. If you ever needed an ear to bend, he would listen to every single word before making a single well thought out comment on another view of the situation that always brought clarity.

Billy was a fighter and fought to the end. He was a lover and loved till the end. He was dreamer and an optimist, but always grounded. He was a thinker and a philosopher and a master of words. He was a servant to all and would literally give you the shirt off his back if you needed it. He was a shining knight and a shining star whose light will never burn out. Billy completed his goal of leaving a legacy so rich and so full behind that those who come after him will never have to guess or question who God is and the validity of all that he stands for. Rest in peace sweet man, you are now in the arms of God and Mom, the two greatest loves of your life, and in the end, your life, was the greatest story you ever told.

Billy was proceeded in death by his wife, Kharvina Nell Gilmore; sister, Inez Irving; brothers, Don Webb and Joe Gilmore.

He is survived by his sisters, Dana Coomer and husband, Bennie, and Cindy Jackson, five children, Angela Hansen and husband, Leo, Alexander Gilmore and wife, Angela, Christopher Gilmore and Enola Gilley, Amanda Gilmore, and Alisha Price and wife, Mesha, all of Fort Worth. He is also survived by nine grandchildren, Jordan, Haley, Chase, Kristen, Alexis, Kayla, Christal, Caydence, and Montana; two great grandchildren, Aubrey, and Addie; as well as many loved nieces and nephews, Benji Gilmore, Jack, Jennifer, Tim, Sancia, Benji Coomer, Storee, Tommy, Lynn, Michael, Michelle, Kris, Doug, Cindy, Rick, Kenny, David, Sedeve, and Dorinda.